Penang Science Council

Initiative to project Penang as a centre of engineering and scientific excellence and to spur the younger generation inclination towards science and technology


  • Driven by the private sector based on 5 outlined thrusts
  • Council members include multinational corporations as well as representatives from Universiti Sains Malaysia, Wawasan Open University, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman and Inti International University


  • Sustainable education and learning to rekindle interest in science and technology amongst the young and students through talks by renowned successful entrepreneurs, competitions, quizzes and exhibitions in Penang. Led by MOTOROLA MALAYSIA
  • Mentoring the young scientific entrepreneur by providing guidance, opportunity and funding through seed money to commercialise their ideas and inventions Led by MINI CIRCUIT TECHNOLOGIES MALAYSIA
  • Nurturing the interest by establishing a Science Tech centre to showcase Penang rich history of success in inventions and innovations in its 35 years of industrialisation to spur new inventions. Led by MALAYSIAN AMERICAN ELECTRONIC INDUSTRY
  • Innovation and research to continue Penang competitive edge of human talent. Penang has a proven track record as an outsourcing centre, sophisticated supply chain network and research and innovation facilities, which includes funding to encourage creative ideas and new inventions. Led by INTEL
  • Life sciences & medical health to nurture the young to be interested in the field of life sciences and to gain more knowledge about industries in Penang. Led by BBRAUN


  • A website has been established at
  • Under Sustainable Education & Learning Pillar  

- 10 Apr 2010 - Mini National Research & Innovation Competition (NRIC) Science and Mathematics competition attended    by 60+ schools.

- 26-29 May 2010 - NRIC Science Innovation Competition by 20 local and 5 foreign   universities at USM.

Level 3, 19, 21 and 22, 10000 KOMTAR,
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eMail: webptg[at]penang[dot]gov[dot]my

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