Strata Title


  • Processing, signed and issued by the Strata Titles according to Srata Titles Act 1985
  • Sign affairs title and non-trading related transactions
  • Enforcement of landlords who do not apply for strata
  • Uniformity of laws under the land code of the state (Land Titles Act Penang and Melaka 1963), namely the conversion process a long title, grants-grants of land in Penang which previously legal system - English law (Conveyancing System) to Torrens of law - land administration law according to National Land Code, 1965, in order to streamline administrative activities
  • Troubleshooting standardize legal disputes and parcel owners through the Institute of Management Corporation Strata Titles.
  • Respond to complaints from the public.

Registration of Title


  • Registration of Temporary Title (QT)
  • Registration of Title Remains (FT)
  • Private Search and Official Search




  • Process all applications for land
  • Alienation of land
  • Temporary Occupation Licence (LPS)
  • Land Conversion
  • Removing soil from hill land area gazetted
  • Water Enactment 1967
  • Permit issued stone materials
  • Reservation of land
  • Subdivisions / land listings
  • Submission and reinstatement
  • Consent to transfer and charge
  • Acquisiton of land by foreign nationals

Enforcement & Technical


  • Monitor the implementation of laws and regulations that apply in this country.
  • Responsible for taking enforcement action in accordance with provisions order the laws and regulations relates to the Law of National Land Code 65, Hill Land Conservation Act 1960, the Water Act and other time being in force.
  • Gather information pertaining to enforcement of planning and appropirate actions.
  • Updating of laws and regulations of the clay.


Information Technology


  • Designing and providing forms to collect and update information Land Data Systems Penang.
  • Prepare, analyze and running the programs to check, enter data and produce reports or information from such data.
  • Implement the recommendations to reduce the backlog and adding citations tax as identify lands in arrears, and issuing bills or warning letters to landowners.
  • Plan and prepare bills used by offices Estate in Penang.
  • Provide training to staff of the land offices involved with computer systems.
  • Perform maintenance and updates to the Land Data System Negeri Pulau Pinang by new methods in order to continue to increase system performance.
  • Conducting research, analysis and development of systems to implement projects or proposed land administration or state.

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