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Borang Pengecualian Bayaran Denda (Urusniaga dan Bukan Urusniaga)

Borang Permohonan Pengecualian Bayaran Denda Lewat Pendaftaran

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Borang Mendapatkan Keutamaan Pendaftaran

Borang Permohonan Keutamaan Pendaftaran Urusniaga dan

Bukan Urusniaga

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Borang Permohonan Pembetulan Hakmilik

Borang Permohonan Pembetulan Hakmilik (Seksyen 380 KTN)

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Borang Pertukaran Nama

Borang Permohonan Pertukaran Nama Dalam Hakmilik ( Fee RM50 )

Lampiran D


Borang Permohonan Pembetulan Nama

Borang Permohonan Pembetulan Nama dan Kad Pengenalan

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Borang Permohonan Hakmilik Manual Kepada Hakmilik Berkomputer

Conversion Hakmilik Manual ke Sistem Berkomputer Terkini

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Borang Permohonan Suratan Hakmilik Muktamad

Permohonan Lot Lama Interim Register ke Hakmilik Terkini

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· Pricing Guide and Dissemination of Geospatial Data.

· Land Information System National Data Custodianship Infrastructure Guide.

· JPA Circulars

· Treasury Circulars



A. Main Laws

• National Land Code 1965
[Act 56 of 1965]

• National Land Code (Penang and Malacca Titles) Act 1963
[Act 518]

• Land Acquisition Act 1960
[Act 486]

• Land Conservation Act 1960
[Act 385]

• Small Estates (Distribution) Act 1955
[Act 98]

• Federal Land Commissioner Act 1957
[Act 349]

• Strata Titles Act 1985
[Act 318]

• Land (Group Settlement Areas) Act 1960
[Act 530]

• Continental Shelf Act 1966
[Act 83]

• Land Acquisition (Compensation)
(Special Provisions) Ordinance 1948

• Licensed Land Surveyors Act 1958
[Act 458]

• Geological Survey Act 1974
[Act 129]

B. Subsidiary Laws

• Modification of laws (Federal Lands Commissioner) (Extension To Borneo States) Order, 1967
[P.U. 495/1967 dated 26.10.1967]

• Licensed Land Surveyors Regulations 1959
[LN 261/1959 dated 6.8.1959]

• Licensed Land Surveyors (Technician’s Examinations) Regulations 1990
[P.U.(A)287/90 dated 6.9.1990]

• Fees and Royalties (Survey Data and Digital Mapping) Order 1997
[P.U.(A) 354/97 dated 11.9.1997]

• Fees and Payments (Maps, Survey, Survey Informations and Reproductions) Order 1991
[P.U.(A) 179/91 dated 9.5.1991]

• Federal Territory (Modification of National Land Code) Order 1974
[P.U.(A) 56/1974 dated 14.2.1974]

• Federal Territory of Labuan (Modification of Land Ordinance) Order 1984
[P.U.(A) 291/1984 dated 16.8.1984]

• Federal Territory of Putrajaya (Modification of National Land Code) Order 2001
[P.U.(A) 213/2001 dated 23.7.2001]

• Federal Territory of Putrajaya Land Rules 2002
[P.U.(A) 76/2002 dated 28.2.2002]

• National Land Code (Survey Fees) Order, 1965
[L.N. 486/1965 dated 30.12.1965]

• Fees (Reproduction of Maps) Order,1955

• Federal Territory (Modification of Malay Reservations Enactment) Order 1974
[ P.U.(A) 60/1974 dated 21.2.1974 ]

• Continental Shelf (Prescribing of Forms and Fees) Notification 1985
[P.U (B) 365/1985 dated 1.8.1985]

• Land Acquisition Rules 1998
[P.U (A) 70/1998 dated 1.3.1998]




Acts Relating to Land

· Strata Title Act 1985

· Temporary Occupation Licence

· Application Process for Disposal of Land by Alienation for Land Administrator

· Registration Process of Final Title

· Application Process for Variation of Conditions

· Application Process for Subdivision

· Application Process for Partition

· Application Process for Amalgamation

· Application Process for Surrender and Re-Alienation

· Registration Process for Transfer

· Registration Process for Charge to Secure Principal Sum

· Registration Process for Order for Sale by Court

· Registration Process for Order for Sale by Land Administrator

· Other references on laws relating to land


Strata Title Acts 1985

  1. 10. Application for the approval of the DLM/LC to subdivide a building must be made in Form 1 STA to District Land Administrator. This is specified in section 10 (1) STA

: Application must be accompanied by;

  • (A) Fee as prescribed in the in the rules under section 81 STA (Section 10(1)(i) STA)The fees prescribed by State Authority for States of Peninsular Malaysia and gazetted as rules for respective state.
  • : (B) Three copies of Building Plans approved by the planning authority (see section 10(1)(aa) STA). If the approved plan and specifications by the planning authority is not available, and as such certification by an architect or professional engineer as required under section 9(1)(b)(i) cannot be submitted, the application must be accompanied by:
    • i. building plan certified by an architect (an architect registered under Architects Act 1967-see section 10(6A)(a) STA that the plan as having been drawn according to the actual features of the building and as truly representing those features, AND
    • ii. in addition, the certificate of a duly authorised officer of the appropriate local planning authority that the building as represented by the plans was erected with planning permission but the plans and specifications by reference to which that permission was given are no longer available, and that the local planning authority is nevertheless satisfied that the building as so represented satisfies planning requirements.

The planning authority mentioned in subsection (b)(ii) (please see section 10(1)(aa) STA is the respective local authority. If the land is situated within a Town Council/ Municipal Hall, then the planning authority is the respective Town Council/Municipal Hall.Likewise, if the land is situated within a District Council, then the planning authority is the respective District Council.The local planning authority mentioned under section 10(6A)(b) STA is the local planning authority as defined under section 2(1) Town and Country Planning Act, 1967 (Act 172) (Town and country Planning Act, 1967). According to that section, local planning authority in relation to an area, shall be construed

as provided in section 5 Act 172) and, in relation to any land or building means,

     “………..in which the land or building is situated;

    • The local planning authority, as so construed, for the area in which the land or building is situated. “

Whereas section 5(1) Town and Country Planning Act, 1967 says that every local authority shall be the local planning authority for the area of the local authority. Therefore, the real local planning authority is any of these:

    1. Town Council
    2. Municipal Council
    3. Municipal
    4. District council
    5. City Hall
    6. Town board
    7. Local Council
    8. Rural Board, or
    9. Any other authority under written law,

    Within the area where the building is been constructed.For Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory, the planning law in force is Federal Terrirory (Planning) Act 1982 (Act 267). The local planning authority for the territory is the Commissioner of the City of Kuala Lumpur appointed under Federal Capital Act 1960.

    • (C) Three (3) copies of Strata Plan which comprise-
      • i. location plan.
      • ii. storey plan for every storey in every building.

    Location plan and storey plan containing such details as are specified in sections10 (2) and section 10 (3) respectively and  certified by a land surveyor as follows: contained the particulars as mentioned in section 10(2) and section 10(3) and must be certified by a land surveyor as follows:

                 i. that the land surveyor has made a comparison to the plan-

      • a) to the original plans of the building prepared by the architect or professional engineer responsible for its construction, or
      • b) for cases under section 10(6A), to the plan of the building mentioned under section 10(6A)(a).
      • c) amendments, if any, to the building plan in the above paragraph, any amendment that has been approved.

    1. ii. In relation to Storey Plan, that the boundaries of the parcels shown on the plan follow features of permanent construction appearing in the building.According to DGLM, the method of numbering based on Circular Director General of Survey and Mapping No 2/1991. The methods are as follows:
      • a) Every building must be assigned with serial number beginning with alphabet ‘M’, that is M1,M2 …
      • b) Every provisional block must be assigned with serial number beginning with alphabet ‘P’, that is P1,P2 …..
      • c) Every storey above ground level of the building must be assigned with serial number (for every building) beginning with the ground level storey as the first storey, that is T1,T2, and……
      • d) Every storey below ground level (that is underground) must be assigned with serial number (in a building) beginning with alphabet ‘B’, starting from the storey from the first storey downward.
      • e).. Every mezzanine storey must be assigned with number (that is storey number where it is located) beginning with alphabet ‘N’.
      • f). To number the parcel, only one number must be used for every strata scheme. Every parcel must be assigned with a serial number systematically starting from the lowest storey (including the underground storey), in upward arrangement. The allocation of numbers must be in line with nthw building number.Parcel number cannot be used again.
      • . g) For multi-storey building, every parcel must be assigned with number based on the parcel on lowest storey of the building.
      • h) To number the accessory parcel, only one serial number should be used for every strata scheme. Every accessory parcel must be assigned with serial number beginning with alphabet ‘A’. The number cannot be used again. The assignment of accessory parcel number must be made arrabged as follows:
        • (i) staring with the accessory parcel located outside the building.
        • (ii) followed by all accessory parcel in the building, ……., starting from the lowest storey.
        • (iii) In the case of multi-storey accessory parcel, every accessory parcel must be assigned with a number based on the accessory parcel of the lowest storey.
    • (D) Certificate by the Land Siurveyor, Registered Architect or a Professional Engineer mentioned in section 9(1)(a), and section (9)(1)(b)(i) STA, and if required, certificate by a land surveyor mentioned in section 9(2)(a) STA
    • (E) In the case where the certification by land surveyor isrequired under section 9(1)(a)(ii), a permit as specified in section 9(1)(a) (thai is a permit Form 4D in section 75C NLC) issued by the District Land Administrator on behalf of the State Authority for the use of air space over state land or reserved land of every eave,awning or balcony.
    • (F) Three copies of certified strata plan as required by section 10(1)(cb), if the land is held under qualified title. The plan must be certified by the Director of Survey. The newly amended provision in section 10(1)(cb) on 1 August 1996 via Act A951 came into force on 2 August 1996 was recently approved by the Dewan Rakyat on 23 April 1996.
    • (G) Written consents from Person Entitled to the Benefit of: 
      • i) charges of the land
      • ii) leases of the whole or any part of the land,
      • iii. Charge on any lease, or
      • iv. Lien holder of the land or of the lease when applying for approval to subdivide the building.
    • (H) Subject to the provision of section 10(7) (that is if the document of title of the land is in custody of the chargee or lien-holder), the Issue Document of Title to the land. The land proprietor must submit the document together with the application Form1.

    Constitution Extract

    Constitution Extract


    2. Admission of new territories into the Federation


    13. Rights to property


    1. Chapter 1- Distribution of legislative powers

    76. Power of Parliament to legislate for States in certain cases.

    2. Chapter 4-Land

    83. Acquisition of land for federal purposes
    84. (Repealed).
    85. Grant to Federation of land reserved for federal purposes.
    86. Disposition of land vested in the Federation.
    87. Determination of disputes as to land values.
    88. Application of Articles 83 to 87 to states not having a Ruler.
    89. Malay reservations.
    90. Special provisions relating to customary land in Negeri Sembilan, and Malacca, and Malay Holdings in Terengganu.
    91. National Land Council.

    3. Chapter 5-National Development

    92. National Development Plan


    166. Succession to property.


    List 1 – Federal List
    List 2 – State List
    List 3 – Concurrent List


    - Land Tenure
    - Land Survey
    - Mining Titles/Mining Activities Areas
    - Compulsory Land Acquisition
    - Conservation and Protection of Cultivation, Lands, Rivers, and Natural Resources
    - Enforcement of Rates and Rents
    - Some Public Authorities/Public Corporations
    - Burials Control
    - Land Ownership Control
    - Transmission and Land Dealings
    - Land Development
    - Financial Management
    - Islamic Laws

    - JOHOR
    - KEDAH
    - MELAKA
    - PAHANG
    - PERAK

    General References


    Online Form




    Form 2A [Section 27] - Notice Of Enquiry

    Form 2B [Section 15] - Notice To Produce A Document

    Form 3A [Sections 60 and 61A] - Notice Of Objection To Intended State Works

    Form 4A [Section 67] - Temporary Occupation Licence (General Form)

    Form 4B [Section 69] - Temporary Occupation Licence (Special Form)

    Form 4C [Section 72] - Permit To Remove Rock-Material

    Form 4D [Section 75A] - Permit For The Use Of Air Space Above State Land Reserved Land

    Form 4E [Section 63] - Lease Or Reserved Land

    Form 5A [Sections 81 and 82] - Notice That Land Revenue Is Due

    Form 5B [Section 86] - Grant

    Form 5C [Section 86] - State Lease

    Form 5D [Section 87] - Mukim Grant

    Form 5E [Section 87] - Mukim Lease

    Form 5F [Section 90] - Notice To Take Out Issue Document Of Title

    Form 6A [Sections 97 and 98] - Notice Of Demand Arrears Of Rent

    Form 7A [Section 128] - Notice To Remedy A Breach Of Condition

    Form 7B [Section 129] - Breach Of Condition Notice To Show Cause

    Form 7C [Section 124] - Memorandum Of Variation Of Conditions, Restrictions And Categories

    Form 7D [Section 124A] - Application For Variation Of Conditions, Restrictions And Categories In Respect Of Proposed Sub-Divisional Portions Of Land

    Form 7E [Section 127(1A)(a)] - Notice To Show Cause For Imposition Of Fine

    Form 7F [Section 127(1C)] - Notice Of Intention To Secure Remedy Of Breach Or To Enforce Forfeiture Of The Land

    Form 7G [Section 124] - Notice That Payment Is Due (Variation of conditionsrestrictionscategories)

    Form 8A [Section 130] - Notice Of Reversion To The State

    Form 9 [Section 326-Substituted by Form 19H]

    Form 9A [Sections 137] - Application For Sub-Division Of Land

    Form 9B [Section 142] - Application To Partition Land

    Form 9C [Section 148] - Application For Amalgamation Of Lands

    Form 9D, 10A, 10B & 10C - Repealed by Act 318

    Form 10D [Section 168] - Notice Of Intention To Issue Title In Continuation (Or New Issue Document In Lieu Thereof)

    Form 10E [Section 175A] - Notice Relating To The Preparation Of A Provisional Register Document Of Title

    Form 10F [Section 175B(1)] - Application For Registration As Proprietor Of Land Or Interest In Provisional Register Document Of Title

    Form 10G [Section 175B(2)] - Receipt For Issue Document Of Title

    Form 10H [Section 175D]- Notice That The Provisional Register Document Of Titles Is Open For Inspection

    Form 10I [Section 175E] - Objection To An Entry Omission Thereof In The Provisional Register Document Of Title

    Form 11A [Section 177] - Document Of Qualified Title

    Form 11B [Section 177] - Document Of Qualified Title

    Form 11C [Section 187B] - Notice Of Intention To Issue New Issue Document Of Qualified Title

    Form 12A [Sections 197] - Application For Surrender Of Land (Relating to the whole of the land)

    Form 12B [Sections 200] - Application For Surrender Of Land (Relating to a part only of the land)

    Form 12C [Sections 203] - Application For Surrender And Re-Alienation

    Form 12D [Sections 204A] - Application For Surrender And Re-Alienation

    Form 13A [Section 207] - Heading And Schedule (For Insertion In All Forms Of Dealing)

    Form 13B [Section 211] - Form Of Attestation Clause

    Form 14A [Section 215, 217, 218] - Transfer Of Land, Share Or Lease

    Form 14B [Section 218] - Transfer Of Charge

    Form 14D [Section 214A] - Application For A Certificate Of Approval Of Transfer, Conveyance Or Disposal Of Estate Land

    Form 15A [Section 221] - Lease Of Land

    Form 15B [Section 222] - Sub-lease Of Land

    Form 15C [Section 239] - Surrender Of Leas

    Form 16A [Section 242] - Charge (To secure payment of a principal sum)

    Form 16B [Section 242] - Charge (To secure payment of a periodic sum)

    Form 16C [Section 247] - Postponement Of A Charge

    Form 16D [Section 254] - Notice Of Default With Respect To A Charge

    Form 16E [Section 255] - Demand For Payment Of A Principal Sum

    Form 16F [Section 259] - Certificate Of Sale By Court

    Form 16G [Section 260] - Application By Chargee For Order For Sale

    Form 16H [Section 263] - Order Of Sale At Instance Of Chargee

    Form 16I [Section 265] - Certificate Of Sale By Land Administrator

    Form 16J [Section 272] - Notice Of Entry Into Possession By Receiving Rents

    Form 16K [Section 272] - Notice Of Entry Into Possession By Going Into Occupation

    Form 16L [Section 276] - Cancellation Of Notice Of Entry Into Possession (Form 16J)

    Form 16M [Section 276] - Cancellation Of Notice Of Entry Into Possession (Form 16J)

    Form 16N [Section 278] - Discharge Of Charge




    Form 17A [Section 286] - Grant Of Easement

    Form 17B [Section 286] - Grant Of Cross-Easements (In Respect Of A Party-Wall)

    Form 17C [Section 289] - Release Of Easement

    Form 18A [Section 313] - Application For Cancellation Of Lease

    Form 18B [Section 314] - Application For Cancellation Of Charge

    Form 18C [Section 314] - Certificate Of Payment Due On A Charge

    Form 18D [Section 315] - Application For Cancellation Of Aneasement

    Form 19A [Section 321] - Notice Of The Entry Of A Caveat

    Form 19B [Section 323] - Application For Entry Of A Private Caveat

    Form 19C [Section 326] - Notice Of Intended Removal Of Caveat

    Form 19D [Section 330] - Application For Entry Of A Lien-Holder's Caveat

    Form 19E [Section 333] - Application For Entry Of A Trust Caveat

    Form 19F [Section 320] - Entry Of Registrar's Caveat

    Form 19G [Section 325] - Notice To Withdraw Private Caveat

    Form 19H [Section 326] - Application For Removal Of Private Caveat

    Form 23A [Section 351] - Notice Of reversion Or Vesting Of Land Where Proprietor had Died

    Form 23B [Section 352] - Notice Of reversion Where Title Has Been Abandoned

    Form 26A [Section 379] - Notification Of Change Of Address

    Form 28A [Section 390] - Notification Of Change Of Address

    Form 28B [Section 391] - Memorial Of A Land Administrator's Right Of Way

    Form 28C [Section 394] - Application To Share In A Private Right-Of-Way

    Form 29A [Section 400] - Notice To Attend Survey

    Form 29B [Section 400] - Summons to Give Information Or Produce documents

    Form 29C [Section 401] - Notice To Clear Lines For Survey

    Form 29D [Section 398A] - Notice To Produce survey Document

    Form 30A [Section 415(1) (a)] - Application For Registration Of A Statutory Vesting Of A Registered Interest In Land

    Form 30B [Section 415(1) (b)] - Application For Registration Of A Statutory Vesting Of A Registered Interest In Land

    Form 30C [Section 416] - Application For Substituting Name of Transferee For That Of Transferor In A Document Of Entitlement

    Form 30D [Section 416A (1) and (4)] - Application For Reservation Of State Land To Be Recorded in Favour Of Applicant

    Form 30E [Section 416A (2)] - Notification Of A Recording Of A Statutory Vesting Of A Reservation Of Land

    Form 30F [Section 416E (4)] - Notification Of The Preparation And Issue Of A Fresh Issue Document Of TitleDocument Of Entitlement

    Form 30G [Section 416E (6)] - Notification Of Memorial On Register Document Of Title Of A Statutory Vesting Of A Registered Registrable Interest In Land

    Form 34A [Section 437] - Presentation Book

    e-Tanah profile


     e-Tanah Profile

    (Click tab below for futher information)


    Objective & e-Tanah Core Business


    • To improve the delivery of land administration services in Peninsular Malaysia by utilizing ICT integratively.

    e-Tanah Core Business

    • To create a comprehensive system for land offices in order to modernize the entire land transaction activities in an effort to realize Electronic Government implementation in the State of Penang.
    • Enhancement of work processes, physical and organizational infrastructure and laws to facilitate and strealine the existing work processes.
    • To develop and expand the function as well as to enhance the existing systems in tandem with Strategic Planning of Information Technology, Director General Lands And Mines Department. These systems will be incorporated to form an integrated land administration and management system.




    e-Tanah Scope

    Urusan di dalam e-Tanah (85 urusan)


      1. Pendaftaran Hakmilik Sementara
      2. Pendaftaran Hakmilik Tetap dan Strata
      3. Pendaftaran Hakmilik Sementara Pendua –DHK hilang
      4. Pendaftaran Hakmilik Sementara – DHD hilang
      5. Pajakan Tanah
      6. Pindahmilik Gadai
      7. Gadaian
      8. Perintah Jual Mahkamah
      9. Perintah Jual Pentadbir Tanah
    10. Melepas Gadaian
    11. Kaveat Persendirian
    12. Tarikbalik Kaveat Persendirian
    13. Semua business area yang ada dalam SPTB akan digunapakai dalam e-Tanah
    14. Pesaka- Integrasi e-Tanah dengan e-JKPTG

    Land Revenue

    15. Kutipan Hasil

    Strata Titles

    16. Pecah bahagi Bangunan
    17. Penukaran Hakmilik Strata Provisional kepada Hakmilik Strata
    18. Klasifikasi Bangunan Kos Rendah
    19. Pecah Bahagi Petak
    20. Penyatuan Petak
    21. Penamatan Skim Strata
    22. Waran Penahanan
    23. Perbadanan Pengurusan
    24. Penguatkuasaan-Seksyen 8 AHS

    Land Development

    25. Pecah Bahagian Tanah
    26. Pecah Sempadan Tanah
    27. Penyatuan Tanah
    28. Tukar Syarat Kegunaan Tanah
    29. Tukar Syarat Dibawah Enakmen Air
    30. Tukar Syarat Dibawah Akta Pemuliharaan Tanah
    31. Pecah Sempadan dan Tukar Syarat (Serentak)
    32. Serahbalik Berimilik semula
    33. Serahbalik seluruh tanah
    34. Serahbalik sebahagian tanah
    35. Pembangunan Tanah Di bawah Enakmen Air
    36. Pembangunan Tanah Di bawah Akta Pemuliharaan Tanah
    37. Pembangunan Tanah Di bawah Ordinan Taliair

    Disposal Of Land

    38. Pemberimilikan Tanah
    39. Pemberimilikan – Rumah Murah
    40. Lesen Pendudukan Sementara (TOL)
    41. Lesen Pendudukan Sementara (TOL) Jangka Pendek
    42. Pembaharuan TOL
    43. Serahhak TOL
    44. TOL dan Permit
    45. Permit Bahan Batuan
    46. Permit Ruang Udara
    47. Serahhak Permit Ruang Udara
    48. Permit Padang Ragut
    49. Pajakan Tanah Rizab
    50. Perizaban Tanah
    51. Rayuan Penolakan Permohonan
    52. Rayuan Lanjut Tempoh Bayaran
    53. Rayuan Bayaran Ansuran
    54. Rayuan Pengurangan Premium
    55. Pemberimilikan tanah Kerajaan melalui lelongan
    56. Pemberimilikan tanah di bawah GSA
    57. Pajakan Tanah Rizab
    58. Hak Lalu-lalang Awam
    59. Hak Lalu-lalang Persendirian
    60. Lesen Carigali
    61. Pembaharuan Lesen Carigali
    62. Pajakan Melombong
    63. Pembaharuan Pajakan Melombong
    64. Pengisytiharan Pembatalan Rezab Melayu
    65. Pengisytiharan Rezab Melayu
    66. Pengisytiharan Ubahsuai Had atau Sempadan Rezab Melayu
    67. Pengisytiharan Untuk Memasukkan Tanah di bawah Rezab Melayu
    68. Permohonan Untuk Menambah atau Memansuh atau Meminda Jadual Kedua Enakmen Rezab Melayu
    69. Proses Mewartakan Tanah di bawah Akta Pemuliharaan Tanah 1960
    70. Permohonan di bawah Akta Elektrik 1990
    71. Pemberimilikan Tanah Bawah Tanah

    Land Aquisition

    72. Pengambilan dibawah Seksyen 4
    73. Pengambilan dibawah Seksyen 8
    74. Pengambilan dibawah Seksyen 3(1)(b)/(c)


    75. Kebenaran Pindahmilik/gadai/pajak


    76. Seksyen 49 – Kemaraan Sungai atau Laut
    77. Seksyen 100 – Perampasan Tanah Akibat Tidak Menjelaskan Cukai Tanah (Borang 8a)
    78. Seksyen 127 – Pelanggaran Syarat, Kompaun dan Tindakan Perampasan Tanah
    79. Seksyen 351 & 352 – Tanah Terbiar
    80. Seksyen 425 – Pencerobohan Tanah Kerajaan
    81. Seksyen 426 – Pencerobohan Ruang Udara Tanah Kerajaan
    82. Seksyen 428 – Halangan Hak Lalulang
    83. Bab 4 Bahagian 2 – Siasatan
    84. Lain-lain Penguatkuasaan


    85. Perintah Jualan



    ICT - Towards an advanced, effective and accurate National Land Affairs Management System.


    To develop and implement an ICT-based National Land Affairs Management System to accelerate national development.



    eTanah Concept

    1. Menyediakan satu point of contact bagi pelanggan di kaunter dalam mendapatkan perkhidmatan.
    2. Pelanggan boleh mendapat maklumat dan perkhidmatan secara on-line.
    3. Bayaran cukai boleh dibuat di pusat bayaran setempat (seperti di Pejabat Pos dan TMpoint), di samping mana-mana pejabat tanah di dalam negeri berkenaan.
    4. Urusan Permintaan Ukur dan cetakan Pelan Akui dapat dibuat secara on-line antara pentadbir tanah dan JUPEM.
    5. Ulasan Jabatan Teknikal dapat dipercepat dengan bantuan MyGDI.
    6. Prosesan urusan dalaman melalui komputer dapat dibuat dengan lebih mudah dan cepat.
    7. Pembangunan sistem berasaskan web memudahkan penggunaan sistem oleh pengguna dalam pejabat tanah dan capaian maklumat oleh pelanggan tanpa mengabaikan aspek keselamatan.

    History & Cronology

    ETanah History & Chronology

    History & Cronology

    Bagi merealisasikan pengkomputeran keseluruhan fungsi pengurusan dan pentadbiran tanah di negara ini, Kementerian Sumber Asli dan Alam Sekitar (NRE) merancang bagi mewujudkan satu sistem berkomputer yang bersepadu yang dikenali sebagai projek Sistem Permodelan Pejabat Tanah (SPPT) atau e-Tanah.

    Kajian SPPT telah disiapkan oleh Perunding Tempatan iaitu Syarikat Sepakat Computer Consultant Sdn Bhd (SCC) pada Ogos 2002. Kajian telah dikemukan kepada Jawatankuasa SPPT, JTIT Mampu serta agensi-agensi pusat dan diterima sebagai asas bagi melaksanakan projek ini.

    Objektif utama pewujudan e-Tanah ini ialah untuk membangunkan sistem pengurusan dan pentadbiran tanah yang bersepadu melalui penggunaan komputer sepenuhnya bagi mencapai hasrat kerajaan untuk melaksanakan Kerajaan Elektronik dalam perkhidmatan awam.

    Melalui pelaksanaan e-Tanah yang dirancangkan ini, pengguna akan dapat menjimatkan masa apabila berurusan di pejabat-pejabat tanah. Ini adalah selaras dengan aspirasi kerajaan untuk mempertingkatkan ‘service delivery’ dan memperbaiki corak pentadbiran tanah di semua peringkat yang menjadi rungutan semua pihak pada masa kini.

    Di bawah Pakej Ransangan Ekonomi yang diumumkan pada 21 Mei 2003, projek e-Tanah telah disenaraikan sebagai salah satu perakuan yang akan dilaksanakan untuk menyokong pentadbiran tanah di setiap peringkat pentadbiran secara ‘fast track’.

    Pada 14 Ogos 2003, SPPT dimasukkan ke dalam agenda Mesyuarat Jawatankuasa Pemandu Kerajaan Elektronik. SPPT mula dikenali sebagai E-tanah. Hasrat bagi melaksanakan e-Tanah ini juga telah dimaklumkan dalam Mesyuarat Majlis Tanah Negara (MTN) pada 18 Disember 2003 yang lalu dan telah diperakui sebagai salah satu daripada projek Kerajaan Elektronik sebagaimana aplikasi-aplikasi perdana yang telah dilaksanakan oleh kerajaan, iaitu projek e-perolehan, PMS dan HRMIS.
    Mesyuarat Majlis Tanah Negara kali ke 60 pada 19 Ogos 2004, telah meminta supaya disamping projek perintis, dikaji kemungkinan memperluaskan projek ini kesemua negeri dalam masa secepat mungkin setelah menimbang implikasi kos.


    • JKPTG telah melaksanakan pembangunan ICT dalam 2 urusan pentadbiran tanah melalui:
      – Sistem Pungutan Hasil Tanah (SPHT) mulai tahun 1980; dan
      – Sistem Pendaftaran Tanah Berkomputer (SPTB) mulai tahun 1995
    • Langkah seterusnya adalah untuk mengembangkan penggunaan ICT kepada urusan-urusan lain Pentadbiran Tanah.
      – Program Pemodenan Pejabat Tanah (SPPT) melibatkan perekayasaan proses kerja (BPR) pentadbiran tanah dan pembangunan sistem aplikasi keseluruhan urusan tanah.
    • Langkah 71 dalam Pakej Strategi baru Ke Arah Merangsang Pertumbuhan Ekonomi Negara yang diumumkan oleh YAB Perdana Menteri pada 21 Mei 2003 menggariskan
      “b) Mewujudkan Sistem Pemodenan Pentadbiran Tanah (SPPT) sebagai sistem elektronik untuk menyokong pentadbiran tanah di setiap peringkat pentadbiran tanah secara fast track;
    • Pada 14 Ogos 2003, SPPT dimasukkan ke dalam agenda Mesyuarat Jawatankuasa Pemandu Kerajaan Elektronik. SPPT mula dikenali sebagai E-tanah.
    • Cadangan Pendekatan dan Kaedah Pelaksanaan Projek E-tanah telah dibentangkan kepada pihak MAMPU, EPU, Kementerian Kewangan dan JPA pada 5 Januari 2004.
    • Pada awal tahun 2004 KTPK mencadangkan pelan pelaksanaan secara Request for Proposal (RFP).
    • Selepas Pilihanraya dan penubuhan kerajaan baru, pada 9 April 2004 Kementerian Kewangan telah mengarahkan supaya projek perintis E-tanah di Pulau Pinang dilaksanakan secara tender terbuka.
    • Mesyuarat Jawatankuasa Pemandu E-tanah Bil 1/2004 pada 2 -3 Jun 2004 telah memutuskan pindaan skop projek yang meliputi 24 proses utama urusan tanah yang menjadi kepentingan pelanggan dan tidak melibatkan pindaan undang-undang.
    • Mesyuarat Jawatankuasa Perundangan E-tanah Bil. 2/2004 pada 12 Julai 2004 telah meneliti semula sistem-sistem yang sedia ada dan memperakukan sistem-sistem berikut untuk diadaptasi di dalam projek E-tanah.
    • Mesyuarat Jawatankuasa Penyelarasan E-tanah pada 26 Julai 2004 telah bersetuju dengan keseluruhan skop dan jadual pelaksanaan projek perintis E-Tanah yang telah dibentangkan.
    • Mesyuarat Jawatankuasa Pemandu E-tanah Bil. 2/2004 pada 3 Ogos 2004 telah membincangkan dan setuju dengan keseluruhan skop dan jadual pelaksanaan projek perintis E-tanah.
    • Mesyuarat Majlis Tanah Negara kali ke 60 pada 19 Ogos 2004 telah meminta disemak semula perancangan projek dengan kemungkinan perluasan kesemua negeri selewatnya tahun 2008 dengan mengambilkira implikasi kewangan.



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